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Tammy Butler

TOPIC #1 :


Rookie originators struggle with the learning curve needed to attract business in today’s highly competitive market. The result is lost revenue, lost dreams, or learning the hard way.

In Zero to 20 Million in a Year, we have identified the ways that new originators are quickly dominating their market and exceeding their professional goals. To create this session, we conducted countless interviews with high-performing new originators regarding their practices and techniques. They were candid about what has worked that has resulted in their unprecedented success when many others have failed. We found a consistency in the approach among all these rising stars that, when applied, resulted in originators exceeding expectations of their company and their peers.

This program offers a strategic plan that will have new originators up and running fast. The bonus is that even seasoned originators learn new ways to increase their business as well. This seminar does this by identifying for the audience the key components in their sales and marketing approach that have catapulted others to success. Attendees also benefit by connecting the dots on technology, social media and community engagement to achieve high performance results.

The market has evolved and, while some fundamentals remain the same, today’s originators have uncovered new approaches that remove the barriers to success.

What You Will Learn:

  • – Overcoming the Knowledge Learning Curve Quickly
  • – Detailed & Strategic Campaign to Start from Day One
  • – Branding Yourself as ‘Seasoned’ Even When You’re Not
  • – Old Sales Techniques Made New
  • – Technology Investments that Are Affordable & Proven to Add Value


This session is recommended for Loan Originators, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Content Developers and Training Personnel.

60-90 Minutes/Association/Conference Type of Client

90-180 Minutes/Private Session Client w/some Customization

Workshop Component for Private Session Clients [1-2 hours]

 (Program can be reduced to 60 minutes for Keynote opportunities OR expanded to 180 minutes for Private Company Sessions such as Mortgage Lender, Wholesaler or MI Company.)  

TOPIC #2 :


The next generation of homebuyers dwarfs the previous generation in size, and the way that they approach their buying decisions is much different as well. Those who want a piece of that market need to learn the techniques outlined in this program to get to the consumer first. Many originators, both new and seasoned, spend too much time on the “what we have always done” mentality, with a bit of new technology mixed in. These techniques are not working the way they may have in the past, and this is leaving originators perplexed, frustrated, and investing in “the latest trend” in hopes of defining a new approach. Couple this issue with the fact that originators are growing tired of “traditional referral sources” like real estate agents, and they quickly understand that the way to build or increase their business lies within the gold mine of attracting the consumer organically.

In “Get Your Own Leads”, we introduce you to the concept of Incubation Selling and Marketing. The next generation of homebuyers are seekers of knowledge and lurkers on the social media platforms. They investigate what you offer before you even know that they need what you offer. Offer enough to position yourself as a subject matter expert, and they will be drawn to you. Offer the wrong message and they will see you as just another face in the social media crowd and shop around for the “best rate”.

In this session you will learn techniques that have been updated and re-created to put you in charge of establishing your own source of referrals, the consumer!

What You Will Learn:

  • – How to Attract Today’s Consumer to Your Business
  • – Flipping the Referral Roles from “Lender to Real Estate Agent”
  • – Key Components of Incubation Sales & Marketing within Your Social & Community Networks
  • – Branding Yourself as the Subject Matter Expert in Your Network
  • – Removing the “What Is Your Rate” Question from the Conversation


This session is recommended for Loan Originators, Sales Managers, Marketing Managers, Content Developers and Training Personnel.

Length of Time : 60-75 Minutes

  • Alan Thorup, Executive Director, Indiana Mortgage Banker’s AssociationWe received very positive feedback on Tammy's presentations, from experienced people as well as new. She appealed to the wide audience in the 'Mortgage Pricing' general session as well as the sales personnel who attended the 'high-producer' breakout session. With the feedback I received I would highly-recommend Tammy to anyone with a similar audience in our industry.
  • Kathy Jenkins, Head of Training, Motto MortgageThank you Tammy! You delivered a great presentation with a lot of good information!
  • Terri Larson, Motto MortgageThank you, Tammy, well done! We enjoyed having you present!

TOPIC #3 :


Wondering why other lenders in your market have different rates and points than you offer?

Do you know what questions to ask to ensure you are competitive in your market?

How do you know if interest rates are market competitive?

Mortgage pricing can be intensely complicated. Outside of the Secondary Marketing
department, few people understand how mortgage loans are priced, why they are priced that
way, and how that may affect your business.

This Session Includes:

– Where Mortgage Money Comes From

– Solving the Profit Puzzle

– Understanding Pricing Terminology

– The Use of Margins in Pricing

– Pricing Overlays and Risk Adjustments

– The Math – Piecing It All Together

Length of Time : 45 – 60 Minutes

Attendees will walk away with a new sense of confidence when it comes to understanding the complexities of how and why a mortgage loan is priced in today’s market.

Tammy Butler, Master CMB

Tammy Butler is the Publisher of Mortgage Currentcy, the leading resource for technical and educational marketing content for Mortgage Professionals. Her illustrious 30+ year career is quite diverse, which adds to her appeal as a speaker, educator, and strategic developer of business, sales & marketing methodologies. Tammy’s approach includes practical knowledge applied in a strategic manner with an exact roadmap to guide professionals towards their goals. This “no-fluff” and “all-stuff” approach assists production professionals by laying out a methodology that is proven effective, and when implemented produces the results they are expecting.


Tammy’s background includes:

– Top-Producing Originator – Like many originators, Tammy began her career with little knowledge of the industry. She used educational marketing techniques to become a consistent top-producing originator.

– EVP of Production & Operations – As the head of production and operations for an independent mortgage banker, Tammy utilized her core competencies in marketing and origination to grow a mortgage company’s production from $120 million to $1.2 billion in two short years, during a non-refinance

– Owner of the Mortgage Generator – When there was no Internet to circulate news, print newsletters were the source for information. The Mortgage Generator was the top newsletter in the mortgage industry for mortgage production.

– Owner of the Largest Originator & Processing Training School – Before there was any formalized training in the mortgage industry, Tammy created a Processor and Mortgage Originator Boot Camp that was sponsored nationally through MGIC. Thousands of new originators and processors participated in the program, where they learned technical knowledge and sales and marketing techniques needed to become viable producers.

– Technology Creator for Optimal Blue – Tammy developed her own technology that was utilized by national platforms. This brought her to the attention of Optimal Blue, where she was asked to create a new technology that allowed lenders to monitor their lending and pricing patterns. She was also responsible for the promotion and marketing of the product. She did this by positioning herself as a thought leader for best practices for maintaining profitability while correcting problematic pricing patterns of practice.

– Founding Managing Editor for Mortgage Women Magazine – Tammy was the founding Managing Editor for Mortgage Women Magazine and assisted in promoting the magazine to all areas of mortgage lending, while offering a platform for talented Mortgage Women to express their subject matter expertise.


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