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Susan Meitner

TOPIC #1 :How to Double your Business in Any Market

In an all-time-low interest rate environment, sales success came easily. Now that the market has evolved to a new normal, only the strong will survive. This presentation is an update to what worked in the past or is a great introduction to those who have joined the industry in the past 2 years.


How to define them and develop a plan to achieve them


Determining which of your activities generates the highest productivity.


How to work smarter, not harder


Using the right tools and optimizing your technology


Knowing your numbers and using them to guide your plan.

Learn at least 10 strategies to develop more business and lay the groundwork for future success.

Time: 60 Minutes
Category: Sales and Marketing

TOPIC #2 :Open Doors to New Opportunities When You Find YOUR Keys to Success

The person you are is the foundation for the businessperson you will become. Once you understand the quirky interplay between your strengths and weaknesses, you can develop your own success strategy.

In this presentation from Best-Selling Author, Sue Meitner, you’ll learn to identify the following keys to success in you and how they can unlock doors to new business with prospects, customers, and partners:


Do what makes you happy and create your own definition of success.


Set high goals and write them down. You have a much better chance of achieving your goals when you can refer to them often.


Use your own experiences as examples to make people feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations.


Allowing people to see your vulnerabilities is a strength, not a weakness. It reminds them you are a person, working hard to help.


Manage expectations: under-promise and over-deliver in every part of the transaction.


People have to like and trust you in order to do business with you. You must build a relationship with integrity to get consistent future business.


Share your knowledge and expertise with others. When you find something that works well for you, let colleagues know. You’ll become the expert “go-to,” respected by industry professionals and customers alike. Learn strategies for every aspect of developing and growing your business and discover ways to implement them in a way that feels true to you.

Time: 45-60 Minutes
Category: Motivational


Presentation can be extended to include:



The workshop will be a guided discussion utilizing a workbook to help attendees discover their own keys to success – defining their goals, what drives them, identifying past experiences to draw from, finding their strengths and creating a game plan.


Small group sessions will be used for sharing strategies. We’ll practice letting go of that instinct to keep the keys to success a secret. What works for one may not work for another if it doesn’t feel true to his or her personality. By hearing many suggestions, attendees will come away with several strategies to add to their own.


Attendees will achieve a new perspective of business plan. The workbook will be a reference they can use over and over to stay on course.

Time: To Be Determined
Category: Sales and Marketing

TOPIC #3 : Unlocking New Relationships Using Social Media Strategies

Surprisingly, many salespeople are not including social media in their marketing plan. This presentation from Best-Selling Author and award-winning mortgage pro, Sue Meitner, showcases the importance of social media and provides tactics to implement it one step at a time:


Determining which social networks are best for your preferred audience and the nuances of each one.


Selecting content topics and creating a manageable schedule.


Making the content uniquely yours.


Using the right tools and strategies to post consistently.


Following the data: adjusting your plan based on what’s working.

Learn strategies for each social network and create your own plan for growth.

Length of Time: 60 Minutes
Category: Social Media

About Sue Meitner

In a traditionally male-dominated field, Sue Meitner knew early on that she would start her own mortgage company one day.  This goal was achieved in 2010 when she started Centennial Lending Group and ran this independent mortgage company until 2019 when CLG joined forces with Success Mortgage Partners.

At that time, she knew she had accomplished a lot as CEO but wanted more than running a successful mortgage company, being a best-selling author, and speaking about how to double your origination volume.  Today Sue works tirelessly to motivate and inspire her staff and other industry professionals, sharing her “keys to success” both online and in-person using every platform available.  In addition to her videos and podcast, Sue is a  member of several professional women’s groups, encouraging others to believe in themselves to accomplish their goals.

Confidence, trust, and determination are Sue’s top key qualities for success. They built her career and now fuel her passion for helping others to build wealth through real estate both personally and professionally. Sue is well-known for thinking creatively in sales, operations, and marketing. As President of Centennial Lending Group, she cultivates a collaborative environment encouraging each team member to freely share tips and past experiences to help one another succeed in business. With her leadership, her team truly embodies the term “Stronger Together.”

Sue has achieved many awards for being a trailblazer in the mortgage industry. Her grit and passion shine through in her best-selling books Crazy Lucky Girl: Do YOU Have the Keys to Success? and Women Who Dream. Sue is proud to have helped hundreds achieve their goals in and outside of the mortgage industry.


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