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Suha Zehl

Motivational Speaker

13 Powerful Habits to Regain Control of Your Business and Your Life. Period.

Every day, we are bombarded by the world around us – pandemic, family, work, deadlines, kids, projects, notifications, emails, news … no wonder we feel overwhelmed and, oh, so super busy! But there is a better way, and this session will introduce you to the powerful habits that you can adopt NOW.

When you hire Suha, she will share the 13 “habits” that she has used to increase her business and how loan officers, managers and company owners can easily incorporate them into their own business and life.

Learn how to stop the madness and get back in control using habits to embrace, to lean in, to thrive, and to live your best life. Period.

In this session, you will learn:

•Gain clarity on the meaning of “Lean In”
•Defining both business and life purposes – your “raison d’etre”
•Build awareness of how to focus and create energy
•Discover and leverage your strengths
•How to recognize and manage your risk style
•What is the meaning of a “growth mindset” and how to embrace it
•Learn how to increase efficiency and effectiveness with actionable steps
•Explore communication and body language secrets
•Silence the imposter monster

One Hour (60 Minutes)

This session can also be tailored as a two-hour presentation, a half-day interactive session, or a full-day workshop.

•Worksheets will be provided for the one or two-hour presentations
•Workbook will be provided for ½ day session or full day workshop

About Suha Zehl

Suha Zehl is an executive leader who has over 35 years of experience in various industries including financial services, mortgage lending, technology, business intelligence, and higher education. She is the Chief Innovation Officer at Blackfin Group and the Founder/President of her own consulting firm, Z Technology Solutions. She serves on the Board of Directors for Women with Vision as well as the Board of Governors for the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America (NAMMBA). She is also a Certified Delegate with the National Association of Women in Real Estate and Banking (NAWRB) as well as a Visionary Ambassador with NAMMBA.

Suha is a regular contributor to various industry magazines including Mortgage Women Magazine and The Vision Magazine. She also frequently publishes articles on several social media platforms including LinkedIn. Suha is a sought-after speaker and podcast guest; she has appeared on stage and at virtual events, including NEXTWinter19, 2021 Mortgage Star Conference, WWV Celebrity Coach Webinar Series, NEXTSummer21, and Fintech Hunting. Suha is also the host of her own LinkedIn series, In the Spotlight with Suha, where she shines the light on the next generation of leaders in the real estate and financial services space.


Suha is the recipient of

•Woman with Vision award (2021) by Women with Vision
•Mentor Leader Award (2021) by NAWRB
•NEXT Powerhouse award (2021) by NEXT Mortgage Events
•Women of Influence award (2021) by HousingWire
•Most Powerful Women in Fintech award (2021 and 2019) by Progress in Lending
•Mortgage Star award (2021) by Mortgage Women Magazine
•Tech Trendsetter award (2019) by HousingWire
•Woman with Vision award (2019) by Mortgage Women Magazine.

She holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. She is also a Project Management Certified Professional and has completed the


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