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Sue Woodard

Motivational Speaker

7 words to change your life

 Yes – No – Thanks – Enough – Help – Sorry – Wow. Words have power – and even the simplest of words can be game changers, altering the trajectory of your business, your relationships, your life. Words like “help” can bring the right people and systems into your business. “Thanks” can create powerful new relationships. “Yes” can open the door to new dreams. Small words – but they are game changers.

In this session, you will…

•Learn the power of your words and the actions that follow
•Be given a simple playbook for daily gratitude
•Be challenged to “take out the trash” that may be cluttering your business or life
•Receive an opportunity to thank someone special in your life
•Understand how to use your words and voice for good

At live events, you will receive a pocket card with the seven words and a “wow” card to thank someone special in your life

Keynote: 60 Minutes

Breaking Bad: Lessons Learned on the Road from Breakdown to Breakthrough

Too often, we end up suffering a breakdown or “hitting the wall” before we take the necessary steps to reach an important breakthrough – when our gut was telling us all along the change, move, or decision that should be made.  Sound familiar?  How powerful would it be if we were more often able to reach the next levels in our business, relationships, and life without having to suffer a breakdown first?  In this engaging presentation, Sue Woodard shares personal stories of her own journey – and most importantly, the very practical and easy-to-replicate system she’s learned to help avoid the painful breakdowns…and more quickly get to the powerful breakthroughs.

In this session, you will…

•Learn to recognize when (and why) you are avoiding a decision
•Be given specific tactics to defeat procrastination
•Understand the ways to get yourself unstuck
•Receive a simple, repeatable plan for how to take action in your business or life

At live events, you will receive a special reminder of this simple repeatable plan to keep it “sticky” for you.

Keynote: 75 Minutes


Along with her signature passion for people, Sue Woodard brings over thirty years of experience to her roles as an independent consultant, Senior Advisor to the STRATMOR Group and industry “Evangelist At Large”!

Sue started her career at the ground level in financial services, became a top producing originator, then leveraged her knowledge to become a highly acclaimed industry speaker, subject matter expert and technology executive.

Having held many executive and leadership positions throughout her career, Sue’s consulting specialties are in customer experience, content strategy, and developing executive brand and company presence via speaking, media and social media.

In addition to having hosted a successful financial radio program and making guest appearances on CNBC, Sue has been awarded numerous industry honors, including the NMP Most Powerful Women in Mortgage Banking and the Housing Wire Vanguard Award.

She also serves on the board of HOPE4Youth, a non-profit working to end youth homelessness, as well as on the board of Axis Lending Academy, an industry non-profit working to lift individuals into mortgage careers.

As a bit of a thrill seeker, she has sky-dived over Vegas, fire walked on hot coals, Harleyed down Route 66, run a Ragnar through the desert and cage dived with great white sharks – but claims nothing has been more exciting than raising her millennial daughter.


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