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Megan Marsh

Motivational Speaker

There is something that keeps many of us from doing our very best job and accomplishing Big Goals. It’s the fear of rejection, failure & embarrassment, which often comes in the shape of one of the smallest words in the English language, the word NO.

Megan’s real world, hands-on experiences have given her the perfect set of success building tools that she uses to help your teams, leaders or audience reach meaningful results, improve their communication, and learn how to be resilient in the face of adversity.

Megan will share candid stories from her personal experiences that shaped her winning mindset to show audiences what it takes to LEAD and WIN consistently at work and in life. Megan shares relatable stories and anecdotes from her days as a Division I athlete to her time as a pregnant mom who still found the time and energy to start her own financial brokerage, three times! She will share the hardships and failures that make her the leader she is today, tell stories of the many “No’s” she encountered along the way and how it created a woman who understands the challenges that many people/women face as they try to climb their way to success.


Topic 1: Mental Warfare For Women

Courage starts with showing up and allowing others to see you. But first, you have to become great at listening to criticism, being humble and lowering your guard. It is a skill that develops over time and with deliberate practice. To have the willingness to put yourself on display means you are strong enough to risk failing forward.

In a recent study among women:
● 90% said mental strength is the key to success

● 71% said with more mental strength they could reach their full potential

Why are women so unsure of how to do this? Megan empowers women to build their mental muscles, so they can become the best versions of themselves, especially when facing adversity.

➔ Learn to lose control- Understand what you can & can’t control

➔ Big girls do cry – Having the strength to show your weaknesses

➔ Know your value – Building confidence

➔ Impose your will – Know your personal standards

➔ Can you take the Heat – If you want to succeed, then you better want the heat of being on top.

Topic 2: Letting Go of Your No

When it comes to achieving personal or professional goals, there is nothing more powerful than mastering your mind and being able to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way.

Megan’s goal during this presentation is to help your people find the confidence and resilience they need to Overcome any No’s they face in their careers and life and to learn how to set and achieve BIG goals.

The 5 No’s That Get in our Way:

★ Looking NO in the face

★ A NO for now isn’t a No Forever

★ The NO’s that Don’t Belong in this World

★ The Value of NO

★ No Your Way to Success

About Megan Marsh

Megan Marsh is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and speaker who loves bringing everyone around her together. Using the same lessons and principles that guided her Division I Uconn Huskies team to consecutive Final Four appearances and three Big East Titles, Megan has built a distinguished 15 year career in the mortgage and finance industry. Megan is one of the topproducing loan originators in Pennsylvania and is also the CoFounder of Keystone Alliance Mortgage & Capital, a mortgage and commercial loan brokerage she founded with her business partner, Andres Munar.


Fee: [30 – 60 Minutes/Association/Conference Keynote]: $4,000 plus travel expenses.

Workshop or Breakout Sessions

The Workshop component is highly interactive and helps attendees take the knowledge from the session and begin to build out their individual plans for success. For organizations with teams, the workshop can include a team building component that has participants working together to build rapport, communication & performance.

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