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Leora Ruzin

Motivational Speaker

5 Characteristics of the Imposter Syndrome That Can Derail a Successful Mortgage Career

Have you heard of the IMPOSTER SYNDROME?  Leora calls it the “Imposter Monster”, which everyone has battled at one point in their life or career—whether they realize it or not. That monster can be incredibly loud and obnoxious and can derail a mortgage career, a family, a marriage, and health.

This life-changing presentation by Leora Ruzin dives into the different ways that Imposter Syndrome can disrupt a life.

How women tend to suffer from it more often than men.

How the psychological effects can be lasting.

Leora details the different types of “Imposter Monsters”, along with their 5 defining characteristics:

  • The Perfectionist
  • The Superman/Woman
  • The Natural Genius
  • The Soloist
  • The Expert


Attendees will learn what kind of “Imposter Monster” they identify with.  Which “monster” rents space in their heads, and how they can effectively serve that monster an eviction notice! Throughout Leora’s career, she has battled and defeated the monster (sometimes more than once!), and shares the tools she has used to rise above the self-doubt, self-deprecation and fear to become a stronger person, a successful loan officer and a leader in the industry


Leora Ruzin, CMB, AMP is the Senior Vice President of Lending at Coloramo Federal Credit Union. Leora is also the Managing Editor of both “The Vision” and “Women with Vision” magazines and is currently on numerous industry Boards, including Folds of Honor. A 14-year veteran in the lending industry, Leora is incredibly passionate about spreading awareness on helping everyone achieve the American dream of financial freedom. She is a fierce advocate for housing finance reform and common-sense credit policy. Leora is the winner of numerous prestigious industry awards, including Housing Wire’s 2020 “Women of Influence”, National Mortgage Professional Magazine’s 2020 “Women of Inspiration” and is a two-time winner of the “Women with Vision” award, given by 20/20 Vision for Success Coaching.

An Army veteran, she understands the importance of ensuring no one is left behind, and truly feels that anything can be achieved through perseverance and teamwork. Her experience with trauma, both as a cancer survivor and a survivor of sexual and physical abuse, has given her the drive and passion to help other women find hope and strength during similar circumstances. When Leora is not spending her time advocating for homeownership and spreading the word about the importance of investing in personal goals, she continues to expand her own knowledge through reading and attending industry workshops.

Leora holds an Associate’s degree in Accounting, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, and she is a veteran of the United States Army.


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