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Laura Brandao


Have you ever been asked to face your greatest fear?  Being vulnerable and putting yourself out for all to see requires a certain mindset.  I have learned that by enlisting help and including others to support your efforts can make the difference you need to squash your self-doubt.  Once you open your mind and realize the outcomes it would be hard not to change.  Let me guide you to” Say Yes Everyday” because once the ripple of positivity begins, you will never look back.

This session presents a new mantra on how to remain open to new experiences by altering how you approach each day – just by stepping up and putting yourself out there without expectations or preconceived notions.

In 2018 Laura underwent a transformation, and she realized that most of her success both professionally and personally was due to a “say yes” everyday mindset. So, she started to test the theory. As each day began, she would open her mind and say YES. This approach to others when you don’t know what someone might want can be either positive or negative. Opening up and listening without thinking about what else is on your plate can bring about new experiences.

She will illustrate that if you go into every situation with no preconceived notions or expectations, you can do ANYTHING. Laura feels that as humans we cause our own fears or letdowns because things don’t turn out the way we expected them to – but by realizing that we are doing it to experience something new, there is no possible letdown.

Laura will lead you through the many challenges that set her on the path of positive energy in her field of expertise.

You will learn the following:

  1. How to access your energy whenever you need it
  2. How to focus on saying “yes” to something every day
  3. How to connect with your inner child by being open to new experiences

Length of Time : 45-60 Minutes


Laura Brandao inspires, energizes, and educates her audience as she translates the latest discoveries on
how the brain works into breakthrough strategies for becoming a transformational and highly effective

Audiences forget up to 90% of what you communicate. How can your employees and customers decide
to act on your message if they only remember a tenth of it? How do you know which tenth they will
remember? How will you stay on their minds long enough to spark the action you need? Many experts
have offered techniques on how to improve your own memory, but not how to influence other people’s
memory and impact their decisions. Laura Brandao reveals how to avoid the hazards of random recall
and create training and content that influences what people do next.

Whether you’re leading an organization, communicating with others, delivering training, making a sales
pitch, or creating a marketing campaign, this workshop will help you develop a message that speaks to
people’s hearts, stays in their head, and influences their decisions. The tools are not just memorable;
they are impossible to ignore.

We will dive into 4 elements of leadership:

      1. Communication Skills – Leadership is not defined by a title or by sitting at the head of the table.
        True leaders can be felt and recognized well before they stand up or begin speaking. We will
        start the workshop with understanding how to exude confidence in every situation. This starts
        with our posture, is followed by the tone of our voice and the words that we choose, and then
        goes into how we make others around us feel so they want to be part of our team and how to
        lead from the heart.
      2. Interpersonal Skills – Once you understand how to master your personal communication skills, it
        is time to learn how to apply them to others. During this segment we will discuss how to be an
        empathetic leader utilizing emotional intelligence. We will discuss how to be an excellent
        listener, how to build trust and learn how to speak to each team member’s communication
      3. Problem Solving/Decision Making – Now that we have learned how to communicate and how to
        connect with our team, it’s time to come together as a team to problem solve. During this
        segment not only will we share a lesson, but we will break off into groups and do a team
        communication exercise.
      4. Delegating and Managing Work Skills – In this final segment we will apply the previous lessons
        to learn how to put your team in the best individual roles and how to effectively delegate. This
        will include:
        A: Clearly articulating the desired outcome. Beginning with the end in mind and being
        clear with your desired results.
         B: Clearly identifying constraints and boundaries. Where are the lines of authority,
        responsibility and accountability?
        C: Establishing and maintaining control: Discuss timelines and deadlines, agree on a schedule of checkpoints at which you’ll review project progress.


Length of Time : 1-3 Hours

  • Deb Hudson, Vice President, Platte Valley BankLaura was fantastic! So much information that can be put to use going forward. Everyone enjoyed their time and she delivered just like promised.

About Laura Brandao, President, American Financial Resources

As an industry source of knowledge, positivity and passion, Laura Brandao radiates energy for bringing families home.
Launching the wholesale channel of business for AFR in 2007 as Director of Operations, Laura has gone on to become an AFR partner (2009), followed by Executive Vice President, and Chief Operations Officer. She now serves as company President.

For over 14 years, Laura has been the driving force catapulting AFR Wholesale to the top of Manufactured Home, One-Time Close and Renovation lending. Growing AFR into a national leader in specialized programs, she stays connected to the clients and families she serves, allowing her to develop new products based on market demand.

Laura serves as the Chair of Women with Vision, the Chair of NAMMBA’s Visionary program and a board member of NAMMBA. She is a board member of the MBA-NJ and serves as the Chair of the MBA-NJ women’s committee. She is also a board member of Mortflix, the exclusive streaming service for the housing industry, and the host of the weekly show “What’s Your Why Wednesday”.

Among her many recent accolades, Laura was named a 2021 MPA Housing Industry Icon, a 3-time Woman with Vision winner, a 2021 NEXT 2021 Powerhouse award, named a 2021 Most Influential Businesswoman to Follow in 2020, a 4-time Woman of Influence, a 3-time Most Powerful Woman in Mortgage as well as a 2021 Most Inspiring Business Woman Making a Difference, and 2020 Most Successful Businesswomen to Watch.

Laura is also a 2-time best-selling author of her book series, “Say YES Everyday,” and a Telly award winner for her appearance on the Internet series, Flatten the Curve Not the Spirit.


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