Sacramento, Ca

Kelly Resendez

Create a Success Mindset and Power Habits

Topics: #1 – Create a Success Mindset and Power Habits

Mindset is the largest component in determining success. You will walk away understanding the psychology and science of success and leave with a solid plan to change how you view life and business. We will also cover the power of habits and how you can develop new habits that are known to increase both success and conversion rates.

What the audience will learn:

– Identify a success and abundance mindset

– Understand the psychology and neuroscience of success

– Develop power habits to make your plan more attainable

Topic#2: Foundation to Success Overview

Kelly will dive into the 3 levels required to build sustainable success from her book Foundation to Sustainable Success. You will walk away with a solid plan to create sustainable success for your future.

You will also develop a goal for “referral efficiency,” which will help you increase your production and income. You will also better understand lead funnels and how you can create them.

What the audience will learn:

– Understand and create the 3 levels to sustainable success

– Set goals for referrals and database management

– Identify your lead funnels and how to increase your productivity

About Kelly Resendez

Kelly has more than 20 years of professional growth and success in the mortgage industry. A top-producing mortgage originator and loan consultant for the likes of Washington Mutual and Wells Fargo, she now serves as the Executive Vice President of Paramount Partners Group, a residential mortgage lending company in Northern California.

Before retiring from originating she helped over 2,500 families and managed over 100 Referring Realtors®. She continues to speak and impact loan officers with her Foundation to Sustainable Success system.

Kelly credits part of her success to the strategies she has shared in this book and focusing on referral business. She will also tell you she focuses daily on creating more joy and becoming the best person she can be. The more she has learned on her journey of self-discovery, the more she has seen how the same principles can be used to propel her business forward. This knowledge and wisdom she found in the personal growth world has helped her impact countless loan officers and Realtors® in building their businesses.

Kelly enthusiastically shares this knowledge with every loan officer who wishes to grow their business. She is devoted to serving as a leader, as a mentor, and as a resource, offering goal-setting and leadership training that encourages mortgage professionals to excel in their business and better serve the needs of their customers.

Both keynotes are 60 minutes but have availability for more intensive workshops or panels as well within the one-day fee.


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