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Jodee Brydges


Topic #1 – Digging In – The Importance of Incorporating Financial Literacy into Your Daily Mortgage Practice

Mortgage Originators review more financial information about a client’s personal financial portfolio than any other financial professional. In a world where credit card and student loan debt are at the highest levels in history, loan originators – and their team members – need to expand their financial expertise beyond the loan.

Knowing how to review documents, identify areas for financial improvement, develop a financial plan, and educate and present each plan to a client is an imperative part of the loan process. Providing this extra step to a client that has entrusted an originator with their largest financial commitment (a mortgage loan) will help build a client’s financial future as well as an originator’s financial future! In this power-packed presentation, Jodee will dig into how you can:

– Become the Educator
– Deliver the Facts and Figures – Numbers Do Not Lie
– Uncover Opportunity in Every Loan File
– Build the Long-term Plan – Make Your Client’s Vision a Reality
– Plant the Seeds to Grow Your, and Your Client’s, Financial Future!
– Practice, Practice, Practice
– Educate and Earn!

Topic #2 – B: The Power of Presenting – Using Presentations to Grow Your Pipeline

Choosing a professional career in mortgage origination allows individuals the unique opportunity to build an extensive client portfolio, work with a variety of business partners, and grow their income. Regardless of the marketplace, the competition can be fierce, the landscape is always changing, and originators are continually searching for ways to maintain their market edge. A powerful edge that is often overlooked is presenting.

Presenting requires originators to step out of comfort zones, which can be both paralyzing and fear-producing. However, understanding how to prepare to present and what to present will eliminate the fear, open doors to new opportunities, and build a platform for an originator to showcase their expertise and build credibility in any marketplace.

In this presentation, Jodee will teach originators how to:

– Overcome the Fear of Presenting
– Become the Expert in Any Marketplace
– Prepare to Present (The Golden Key)
– Uncover Topics and Tips
– Practice, Practice, Practice
– Educate and Earn!

About Jodee Brydges

Jodee is an Author, Loan Originator, Money Mindfulness Coach, and Speaker. Jodee has spent over three decades in the financial industry coaching, educating and analyzing the financial well-being of individuals of all ages, backgrounds and income levels.

Driven by a passion to improve the financial well-being of individuals, Jodee began her speaking career presenting on a variety of financial topics to small groups in her local marketplace, which have since grown to large audiences, nationally.

With decades of financial experience, Jodee realized that millions of people are struggling financially. Basic financial literacy is no longer taught in schools and often not taught at home. This is causing financial stress for all ages, income levels and backgrounds.

Recognizing this need inspired Jodee to author and publish “Digging Out – A Practical Guide to Getting Out of Debt & Paving the Path to a Secure Financial Future”. Sharing her knowledge and expertise will help mortgage originators differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace by going above and beyond the mortgage application!


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