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Jessica Peterson

Awake the WOW. Create the Perfect Day. Wisely invest in people, your business and YOU.

Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel, hair on fire, coffee in hand, chasing the next deal and then have a squirrel moment?

Get ready to be inspired. Jessica will dive into ways to WOW people in your life. She dives into how to be more productive and save 9 weeks of time at work every year! Jessica also developed a six- and seven-figure WOW blueprint. She takes it a step further and inspires people to take action and create the life they desire! Come see why Jessica was the only speaker to receive a standing ovation, a line of people to thank her, and even tears of joy!

You will learn the following:

  1. Four key areas to balance
  2. Dream big digital board
  3. Six- and Seven-Figure WOW Blueprint
  4. Ways to WOW People
  5. Nine weeks time off and be more productive hacks

3 Secrets to Social Media Success

Do you feel like social media is a black hole and have no idea how to make it a success? It pains Jessica to hear of people who waste precious time on social media.

Jessica shares the secrets to social media success.

She will teach you how to dive into your social media immediately and start to create a plan for success. Stop losing business and start attracting it today!

About Jessica Peterson

Jessica is a bestselling author, certified Business Coach and 8 to Great, publisher of six books, and TEDx speaker. After a 20-year career and top sales in the banking, mortgage and financial world, Jessica stepped into her dream and created a company to provide a positive impact for the businesses she served and their clients. Jessica is a licensed Real Estate Agent and founder of Simply WOW Agency.

She is creating a community of WOW Power Players who are all on a mission to WOW people, grow their business, and create a WOW life for themselves! She used her simple plan to grow an affiliate team of over 3,000 sales associates worldwide in one year, and was selected as top speaker and trainer out of 260,000 people. Are you ready to WOW people, grow your business and create a WOW life yourself? Don’t miss out!


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