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Contact Management – A Day in The Life of a Loan Officer and Their CRM

A CRM plan is necessary for your mortgage business to thrive.

Here’s the thing:  A CRM provides immediate visibility for highvalue opportunities, increased lead generation, and marketing functions. And it’s a necessary tool to increase your business based on your contacts needs and interactions.

The information housed within your CRM database is specific to each contact. It paints a picture of that person, including communication preferences, talents and hobbies, family information, loan information, a history of calls, emails, referrals, marketing communication sent, and more.

Donna manages and coaches some of the mortgage business’s most successful loan officers who rely on her not only to keep in touch with past clients, Realtors and affinity partners, but also to provide mortgage compliant content to them to distribute.  

What You Will Learn – Day in the Life of a Loan Officer and their CRM

1.  Adding contacts to your database. There are over 7 ways to get data into your CRM database – learn how to ‘set up’ a contact for best results.

2.  Chronicling your contacts.  Your CRM is your ‘second brain’ where you store information about every interaction with a contact.

3. Keeping contacts on your radar. Minimize prospect, postclose customer, and referral partner fallout with followup strategies and disciplines a CRM is designed to support.
Manage your pipeline with CRM tools your Loan Origination Software does not provide.

4. Bring new conversions to the surface. This is where the rubber hits the road.

Learn how to easily locate and communicate with contacts when the timing is right for a conversion.

About Donna Quisenberry

Donna Quisenberry Q2 Database Consulting Services and Expert CRM & Database Implementation Specialist helps individual loan officers as well as entire mortgage organizational teams to transform the way they work by implementing creative technical solutions to business problems. She does this by listening to what her clients need and then draws on her over 15 years of skills and experience specializing in working with mortgage professionals to help them effectively use CRM tools to build and nurture relationships. Through these solutions, which are expertly honed to the specific needs of a mortgage professional, her clients achieve greater levels of organization and effectiveness, leading to happy customers, better service, and more sales.


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