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Christine Beckwith

Blueprinting for Success, Modern-Day Business Planning

The V Factor 

This is Christine’s signature presentation of three major belief systems that result in success, from her experience leading truly exceptional professionals.   It dives into having Vision, Vitality and Velocity in your business.

Christine has given this lecture on large stages for huge organizations to rousing responses.  This thought-provoking talk leaves the audience looking inward about their beliefs, their business prowess and their ability to navigate and reach success.  The lecture ends with the sharing of a scientific study conducted by a North Carolina University doctorate paper on the power of positive thinking.  Christine breaks it down and leaves you with tactical steps to change the course and trajectory of your sight for success.

What you will learn:

• A deep dive into the learner’s belief system
• How Vision, Vitality and Velocity intersect
• Why positive thinking is the key to the learner’s vision of success

Blueprint for Success: Modern-Day Business Planning 

Blueprint for Success takes the learner through 9 core philosophies that create a well-rounded, bulletproof business plan that leaves the audience inspired to look at their businesses from many different angles: mathematically engineered forecast, emotional intelligence fortified, reporting structure, adversity consideration, human and technical attachment, and supported – all while creating the most efficient and time-managed daily activity from a four-time certified mentor on creating the greatest sales acceleration and scalable and efficient business you can operate in the mortgage and real estate world.

What you will learn:

• A simplified business plan strategy
• Why math plays a role in forecasting income and results
• Why time management is a critical component
• Handout: Business Planning Forms

About Christine Beckwith

Christine Beckwith is an Award-Winning Executive Sales Leader who has been in the Mortgage finance industry since 1990. Her life and career are filled with a progression of success stories that reach all the way back to her childhood. A Best Selling & Award-Winning Author, Christine branched out in 2018 to begin her dream job as the Founder and President of 20/20 Vision for Success Coaching & Consulting. Christine is a columnist for professional magazines and is a special correspondent anchoring the news and interviewing experts in her industry.

Christine has appeared on huge stages to speak, kicking off the year at the Miami Garden Stadium with Gary Vaynerchuk Agent2021 as the Real Estate Expert Panel Moderator. Among her many speaking engagements, she has spoken at the Anaheim Convention center in Los Angeles, The Hard Rock Casino in Atlantic City, and multiple prestigious organizations and media companies.

Christine will tell you that writing, teaching and speaking are at the core of who she is and her legacy work with a commitment of making a difference in the lives of professionals and youth everywhere.


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