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Christine Beckwith

Blueprinting for Success, Modern-Day Business Planning

Christine Beckwith attended an elite business session in NYC with a few hundred other executive level professionals at Radio Music City Hall for an intimate sit down with an amazing line up of professional icons, on the topic of proper business planning. Some of those icons included Rudy Giuliani, Colin Powell, Jack Welch, Richard Branson and Anne Jung, to name a few.

As a new executive, Christine set out to take her then-last-place sales district of 125 employees on a journey, to bring her district to the number-one place as a national mortgage company in just over one year, and then held it there for many years to come.

Blueprinting for Success is a study in the quickest path to success by applying 7 principles to daily sales interaction, avoiding pitfalls that derail sustaining and fulfilling a business plan – truly a proven boon for your business and life.

About Christine Beckwith

Christine Beckwith became a 30-year mortgage industry veteran in 2018. Over 3 decades she has consistently won awards and accolades in mortgage sales originations at all ranks as she moved up from a Loan Officer seat to her Regional sales management roles, all the while producing at the top 5%, consistently.

For the past 18 years she has run mortgage companies at a senior and executive level. During that time, she has continued to win public awards for repeatedly breaking glass ceilings. She has become a sought-after public speaker on the mortgage circuit, and in January will speak on Gary Vaynerchuk’s bill at his Agent2021 tour at the Miami Gardens Stadium. Christine will also co-host the National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers Convention in April, 2019.

This past year Christine won numerous awards, including Most Elite Women in Mortgage from the MPA. She is a three-time recipient of this publicly nominated and curated award. Additional awards include being named Most Connected Mortgage Professional by National Mortgage Publications, and Most Powerful Women in Banking also given by NMP.

Christine had the pleasure and honor to be the feature story and cover of Mortgage Women’s Magazine for the March/April edition, and is now a monthly columnist for that publication.

She wrote and released two bestselling books in early 2018. She won an American BookFest award for her sales book, Wise Eyes: See Your Way to Success, while receiving the Best-Selling label for Clear Boundaries: Every Business Woman’s Essential Safety Guide as a Hot New Release on Amazon.


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