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Christine Beckwith

TOPIC #1 : Finding Honor – The Journey to the Truth

If you are looking for a lecture that emotionally inspires professionals to take steps towards real professional and personal development, this is the workshop for your company. Christine Beckwith’s presentation takes the attendees on a journey of self-realization to places of “un-learning” and forgiveness, healing, and new hope. It calibrates their core morale barometer while showing that following these life-changing steps will bring about greater success in business and create a happier life.

The true ROI that will come from these life-changing lessons will benefit not only the attendees, but all the people they meet. Finding Honor can be a pivotal intersection in someone’s life and business.

What you will learn:

•How to find your honest self!

•Why UNLEARNING is a pathway to success.

•How one can achieve deep, meaningful personal development through examining broken relationships

•How to measure one’s morale barometer so “Happiness ROI” soars.

•Why Finding Honor can help achieve the highest level of potential success!

Length of Time: 60 minutes
Category: Motivational

TOPIC #2 : Emergent Market Sales & Leadership

Finding sales and staying on the course of true growth takes grit in a declining market.

First, where does a loan officer find a foothold when what they have been doing to get results has completely changed? In this presentation (which was the keynote speech to kick off 2023 by the IMB MBA group) Christine breaks down the comparison of past markets to this one, and why this market is ripe for the picking. She also lays out tactics to help stalled sales professionals re-engage with a market that has plentiful opportunity if you understand your client and how to position the LO as the expert. This talk will change the lives of everyone trying to resume great sales.

What you will learn:

•Why Last year’s tactics won’t work.

•How to Pivot to where the business is

•How to Speak the current sales language

•How to Become an economic expert

•How to Connect the dots to achieve more leads and closings.

Length of Time : 60-75 Minutes

Category : Sales and Marketing

About Christine Beckwith

Christine Beckwith is a veteran of the mortgage industry. Since 1993, she has held positions ranking from originations all the way to senior vice president of sales.

She was corporate oversight for two national firms in originations and business development spanning marketing, financial forensics, and all areas of sales leadership including training and curriculum.

Christine has won numerous industry awards, appeared in the many finance industry magazines, and today is a four-time Best-Selling Author.

She has appeared on huge stages and shared billing with famous speakers like Gary Vaynerchuk – Agent2021 at the Miami Garden Stadium, and Ryan Serhant of Millionaire Listing at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, to name a couple.

In 2018, she made the move from her direct work in the industry to dedicate her life to serving other professionals in what she calls her “legacy years” by founding 20/20 Vision for Success Coaching, now the largest consulting firm in the American banking and brokering industry.

She has been a correspondent anchor, a journalist, and today owns two magazines, The Vision and Women with Vision Magazine. She has authored 5 books, Wise Eyes, Clear Boundaries, Breaking the Cycle, Win or Learn, and Finding Honor.

Her vision has impacted the lives of thousands of people, and her quest to help evolve the industry and bring professionals to the forefront of modern-day marketing with incredible business success is in full motion today.

A mother, daughter, sister, and partner in a loving family, she calls herself a “happy and ever-evolving human.”


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